How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Arizona?

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How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Arizona?

Dispensaries across Arizona charge different prices for medical marijuana depending on a number of factors. These include dispensary location and cannabis strain, quality, and product form. Medical cannabis patients in Arizona should expect to pay $297 on average for one ounce of high quality marijuana. The same quantity of medium quality marijuana costs around $233. For patients who wish to buy smaller quantities, the average price of 1 gram of marijuana in Arizona dispensaries is $10.

Can You Use a Credit Card at a Dispensary in Arizona?

No. Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries do not accept credit cards for in-store and online orders. With marijuana classified as a Schedule I substance by the US government, banks and credit cards avoid processing marijuana transactions. Arizona patients can pay for their medical cannabis orders with cash, debit card, and mobile app payment solutions.

Does Arizona Tax Medical Marijuana Sales?

Yes. Arizona charges a 5.6% tax on all medical marijuana sales. The state also allows local jurisdictions to charge an additional 2% tax on all marijuana sales.

Does Recreational Marijuana Cost More Than Medical Marijuana in Arizona?

Recreational marijuana is likely to cost more than medical marijuana in Arizona because the state charges a 16% excise tax on retail marijuana in addition to the 5.6% sales tax and 2% municipality tax on all marijuana sales.

How to Save Money on the Cost of Medical Marijuana in Arizona

While Arizona does not have a state-sponsored program offering lower medical marijuana prices for low-income people, participants registered in the state’s medical cannabis program can still save on the cost of their prescriptions. One way to do so is to grow their own supply of marijuana. Arizona allows home cultivation for medical marijuana patients living further than 25 miles from the nearest dispensaries. These patients can only grow up to 12 cannabis plants at home for personal use.

There are other ways to spend less on medical marijuana in Arizona besides cultivating marijuana at home. For example, patients may try lower doses to see if they get the same therapeutic benefits as their regular doses. This can help them stretch their cannabis supply so they visit dispensaries less often. Switching to edibles is another way to save on the cost of medical cannabis. For some conditions, edibles’ gentle and long-lasting effects may provide better relief than quick-acting smokable forms of marijuana.

Lastly, Arizona medical cannabis patients can save money by comparing prices from different dispensaries near them. By ordering from a dispensary holding a special sales or running a promotion, it may be possible to save money on the cost of medical marijuana without reducing the amount purchased.

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