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How Much Does the Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

A patient or caregiver joining the Arizona medical cannabis program and applying for a medical marijuana card must pay for a registry identification card. Patients may also need to pay for consultation when visiting their physicians to obtain approval to join the state’s medical cannabis registry.

Cost of Physician Consultation

Before applying for a medical cannabis card in Arizona, a patient must visit their physician to obtain a written certification for medical marijuana. This physician can be a doctor of medicine or osteopathy. Arizona also allows naturopaths and homeopaths to issue medical cannabis certification. However, the physician must be registered to practice in Arizona and the patient must be diagnosed with one of the qualifying medical conditions recognised in the state for medical marijuana intervention. The cost of a physician visitation depends on the fee charged by their practice. Patients in Arizona can expect to pay between $100 and $300 for a medical consultation when applying for a written certification.

Physical Arizona Medical Cannabis Card Fee

The Arizona Department of Health Services charges $150 for a medical marijuana registry identification card. This is also the renewal fee for a medical cannabis card. The Department offers the Arizona medical cannabis card at a lower fee of $75 for patients who are currently on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Patients qualified for this fee reduction also pay $75 for their marijuana card renewal. In Arizona, the cost of getting or renewing a medical marijuana card for a designated caregiver is $200.

Electronic Arizona Medical Cannabis Card Fee

Arizona made a shift to electronic medical marijuana registry ID cards on December 1, 2019. New and renewed medical cannabis cards released after that date are digital cards. The costs of obtaining and renewing an electronic medical cannabis card in Arizona are the same as the fees for physical cards ($150 for patients, $200 for caregivers, and $75 for patients on SNAP). Patients and caregivers can find their digital marijuana cards on profiles in the Arizona medical cannabis registry. If they wish, they may download and print PDF copies of these cards and use these as physical cards.

Cost of a Replacement Medical Cannabis Card in Arizona

The Arizona Department of Health Services charges $10 to replace a lost or stolen medical marijuana card as long as it is not expired. It charges the same amount to amend or change an issued card with incorrect details.

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