Arizona Marijuana Tax Revenue 2024

What is the Tax Rate for Marijuana in Arizona?

In Arizona, both medical and adult-use marijuana are subject to a 5.6% Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT). However, adult-use marijuana is also subject to an additional 16% excise tax, bringing the total on recreational marijuana to 21.6%.

Arizona Cannabis Industry Taxes

The data shows the amount of sales tax generated by marijuana businesses in Arizona.

Year Excise Tax Transaction Privilege Tax Total Tax Collected
2023 $168,911,480 $1,365,081,300 $1,533,992,780
2022 $132,828,482 $1,470,612,992 $1,603,441,474
2021 $32,925,183 $493,039,518 $525,964,701

Source: Arizona Department of Revenue