Tucson Medical Marijuana Card

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Tucson Medical Marijuana Card

_Tucson residents diagnosed with qualifying medical conditions can apply for medical marijuana cards under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program. Qualified patients, who are minors, must designate their parents or legal guardians as caregivers. To obtain medical marijuana cards in Tucson, patients must obtain written certifications for medical cannabis from licensed medical practitioners. _

Do I Need to See a Doctor for a Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson?

Yes. Per Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C), R9-17-202, qualifying patients must visit licensed physicians to obtain written certifications recommending them for medical cannabis before applying for medical marijuana cards. In Tucson, only doctors of medicine, osteopathic medicine, homeopathic physicians, and naturopathic physicians with valid licenses can issue written certifications for medical marijuana treatment. Qualifying patients can meet their physicians in person or via telemedicine to receive certifications for medical cannabis.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson

To apply for Tucson medical marijuana cards, qualifying patients must complete their applications online and upload the necessary documents. Required documents include proof of identity, proof of Arizona residency, and a government-issued identification card. They must also upload the Physician's Certification Form and a completed Patient Attestation Form.

Caregivers must apply for their Tucson MMJ cards by mail. In addition to the supporting documents, they must submit Fingerprint Verification Forms and completed Medical Marijuana Caregiver Attestation Forms to the ADHS. Applications for designated caregiver MMJ cards should be mailed to:

Arizona Department of Health Services

_ATTN: Marijuana Department _

P.O. Box 19000

Phoenix, AZ 85005

How to Get Tucson Medical Marijuana Card Online

Qualifying medical cannabis patients with written certifications from their physicians can apply for Tucson MMJ cards online on the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) website. They must upload the required documents and pay the processing fees.

How Long Does Tucson Medical Marijuana Card Last?

Tucson MMJ cards are valid for two years. Patients must commence the renewal process at least 90 days before expiration.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson?

Tucson medical marijuana cards cost $150 for qualifying adult patients and $350 for patients who are minors. It costs $75 and $275 for adult and juvenile patients participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The cost of a medical marijuana renewal application is the same as the initial application.

Can Minors Get Medical Marijuana Cards in Tucson?

Yes. Minors with qualifying medical conditions can apply for medical marijuana cards through their parents or legal guardians, who must serve as their designated caregivers. Arizona law requires that a patient under 18 obtain a second physician's written certification.

How to Renew Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson

Tucson’s medical marijuana card renewal process is similar to the initial application. Qualifying patients must log in to the ADHS portal and upload their current physician certification, passport photograph, and Attestation Form. Also, in the event of a name change since the previous applications, patients must upload copies of their new identification cards.

Does Tucson Accept Out-of-State MMJ Cards?

Tucson offers limited medical marijuana reciprocity to visiting cannabis patients. Licensed dispensaries in the city do not accept medical marijuana cards issued outside Arizona. However, patients with active MMJ cards issued in other states can possess up to 70 grams of medical cannabis without legal repercussions in Tucson.